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Mobile Supply Chain

Sales and logistics processes can drastically be improved upon with Sentido's Supply Chain Mobilizer. It allows you to track sales-orders, deliveries and stock levels in real time. While at the same time reducing paperwork, increasing accuracy and decreasing communication costs. Up to the minute management reports allows the internal manager to monitor and manage these activities in real time.

The Supply Chain Mobilizer consists of 3 modules available in any combination and managed from a central management console:

Mobile Sales

Sales people are spared the task of writing up or phoning orders through, instead they'll be typing it directly into their cellphones to instantly be sent to the back office. It reduces paperwork, avoids duplicate data entry and allows for quicker and more efficient stock allocation and customer invoicing cycles. The system also keeps track of previous orders and allows the rep to offer intelligent advice to the customer based on history. The query facility allows the rep to check the back office for availability of a product before placing orders, ensuring satisfied customers and efficient inventory management. In this way, reps add value, communication costs drop, customer service improves and more customers can be attended to.

Mobile Stock

Sales reps are spared the task of writing up or phoning through levels of your stock in customer stores. Not only does this save paper, time and communication costs, but it allows you to react quicker and more efficiently to demand for your products.

Mobile Delivery

Real time confirmation of pick-up and delivery saves the driver having to report job status over a congested radio channel when back in the vehicle or worse, phoning it through. Not only does the mobile delivery module avoid duplicate data entry but it gives you delivery confirmation in almost real time, allowing you to react quicker and make more effective use of delivery vehicles and personnel.