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Feedback Solutions

  A feedback solution targets the stakeholders (prospects – customers - employees -partners) of a business process in order to gain their feedback on issues affecting the process.

Systematic and continuous feedback data is processed into role based management reports and distributed to the responsible stakeholders on a timely need to know basis.

It allows the owner to keep in touch with all stakeholders, even though the process of business has become so dispersed. The owner can now manage each function directly, while keeping a bird’s eye view on the holistic process.

Thus enabling you to collaborate with your stakeholders and together utilize the feedback information to:

Spot trends as they develop.
Identify and address weaknesses in processes.
Monitor the effect thereof.
Take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.
Keep everyone happier.
Help people to be more productive.
How to establish a feedback solution

All feedback solutions start off as single surveys, initiated by someone in the Business Process and then spreading throughout the department and eventually the enterprise. Critical to the success of a continuous feedback solution is the ability to constructively manage it’s spread and growth throughout an enterprise. Try and systemize and centralize it too early and you strangle the individual flair, drive and initiative needed to make it work. Systemize and centralize it too late and you might not be able to tie up disparate threads and could end up with sensitive and valuable respondent knowledge (survey results) scattered across multiple systems internally and externally!

Sentido can help

Sentido’s team of technical and research specialists are on hand to help ensure the success of your feedback solution. Our flexible Service Level Agreement (SLA) enables us to assist you from start to finish. From delivering your first survey using entry level software to designing and implementing a results oriented enterprise wide feedback system based on Perseus’s EFM Solution and our own Feedback Data Store.

Feedback Solution Templates

A feedback solution can add value to almost every business process or function. Sentido have researched and set up template structures for some of the following:

Supply Chain
Training Centre/Department
User Groups / Membership Organisations
Channel management
Event Organisers
Call Centre


Supply Chain

Sentido’s Supply Chain Feedback Solution helps you communicate and collaborate with all stakeholders in your supply chain in order to:

Gain appropriate, accurate and timely insight into your supply chain operations.
Measure, manage and motivate supplier performance.
Build integrated and responsive procurement and inventory plans
Streamline supply chain operations
Consolidate your organisation’s position in your supply chain.


Manage Supplier Quality
Gather Feedback from:
About your:
In order to:
Procurement Staff
Monitor and improve the quality of your suppliers as perceived by these stakeholders.
Account Managers
Suppliers of Suppliers
Manage Procurement Effectiveness
Gather Feedback from:
About your:
In order to:
Procurement Function Monitor and improve your procurement effectiveness as perceived by these stakeholders.
Internal Operations
Suppliers of Suppliers  
Manage Supplier Loyalty
Gather Feedback from:
About your:
In order to:
Procurement Practices Improve how your organisation’s practices affect supplier quality, loyalty and commitment.
Suppliers of your Suppliers  
Manage Customer Satisfaction
Gather Feedback from:
About your:
In order to:
Outbound distribution management Improve how your organisation’s practices affect demand and availability.
Customers of Customers
Forecasting / demand planning
Inventory level management
HR Feedback Solution:

Enables the HR function to gain valuable feedback from stakeholders within and outside the organization in order to monitor, measure and improve:

Job Responsibilities & Performance
Employment Equity Practices
Training (Also see the training centre feedback solution)
Work Environment


Employee Satisfaction
All aspects of the relationship between your organization and your workforce, including communications, vision, compensation, benefits, official HR policies and unofficial practices and norms (culture), and more
Employee Commitment & Performance
All aspects of employee and leadership commitment and performance.
Workplace Resources
The quality of the tools, training, resources, and processes available to your workforce to fulfill their job responsibilities and enable them to deliver your enterprise’s value proposition to your customers Timely completion of specified milestones.
All aspects of participants’ experiences, including training content, delivery, facilities, scheduling, and more.
General Administration As needed You could easily use the software as a tool to web automate routines like Posting CV’s, Logging HR Help Desk Calls, Registration for Training Courses, Collaboration on new Projects, Suggestion Boxes and many more!

User group / Association Membership Management:

A feedback solution that enables you to keep in touch with your members and automate certain routine functions over the web:

For instance:

New Member Application & Registration.
Existing Member Self Service Detail Updates
General Feedback & Management
Compliments & Complaint Boxes
Membership Satisfactions Surveys
Structured Feedback
Opinion Polls / Online Voting / Quick Polls
Event/Seminar/Conference Management
Interest Gauging & Planning
Invitation & Booking/Registration
After Event Satisfaction
Service Delivery
Ordering of Services / Referrals etc
Market Research
New Service / Product Research Surveys

Training & Skills Development Providers

Set up the following feedback solution to help you provide the right product seamlessly, based on stakeholder needs and requirements:

Needs Anaylsis
Current Skill Assessments
Business Process Improvement Surveys
Venue Booking
Course Booking & Registration
Complaints & Compliments
Skill Transfer Testing
Course Retention Measurement
Workplace implementation survey
Customer Satisfaction
End User Satisfaction Survey
Client Satisfaction Survey
Market Research
New Product Introduction
Product Features
Product Pricing & Marketing

IT Feedback Solution:

Enables you to gain valuable feedback from end users within your organistion or your customer’s organisation, allowing you to solve areas of dissatisfaction and improve your service from the point of view that matters: that of your customers:

In addition, you could use the software as a RAD tool to web automate routines like Logging Help Calls, Registration for IT Training Courses, Collaboration on new Projects, Suggestion Boxes and many more!

Help Desk
Time required to make contact with help desk representatives.
Representatives’ knowledge of users’ equipment
Speed with which problems are resolved
Quality of problem solving
Desk side Support
On-site technicians’ preparedness with proper tools and equipment
Courtesy and professionalism of on-site technicians
Quality of trouble ticket escalation management
IT-managed Application Development
Timely completion of specified milestones
Quality of communications of project status
Application software quality, including conformance to specifications, reliability, and performance
IT Infrastructure
Uptime and ease-of-use of corporate networks, intranets, and applications
Corporate email, web conferencing, and directory services
Completeness of global directory services
Overall satisfaction with IT services
Hardware Services
Hardware procurement services
Hardware return, repair, and depot services
Service Level Agreement Management
End user satisfaction levels included in SLA terms and conditions
Allocation of resources, and timeliness of addressing concerns, to ensure that SLA standards are met and exceeded.
Feedback Solutions
Supply Chain  
User Groups  
Training Centre  
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