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Sentido uses its self developed CleverBase® program to mine data from various sources, then by using clever methods it manipulates the data and creates duplicates of the original information and makes that information available to the Mobile Applications. Thereby giving your field agents access to the "real, live" information that resides in your back offices via their cellphones.

CleverBase® is the middleware that resides between the Sentido Mobile Applications and the clients existing systems or databases. What use to take weeks to program, now only takes a few hours.


The Kit Warehouse Supplies the security Industry with their gear. They maintain stock on behalf of Securico Ltd. CleverBase® is set to monitor both the Debtors balances in the Debtors Ledger as well as the Securico Ltd stock level in the Inventory (production) system. When certain levels are reached, CleverBase® will send notices to the parties concerned. CleverBase® can also stimulate "what if" scenarios for example, "Is there enough stock and have Securico Ltd got enough credit available to outfit 50 new grade B security guards?"

In itself CleverBase® is a very powerful tool; now combine it with a Mobile Application and your cellphone becomes a powerful business tool!