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WAP site development

A few years ago not many businesses had a website. Nowadays everybody has a website. These days not many businesses have a WAP SITE*, but soon everyone will have one ***.

Every business that launches an SMS campaign should have a mobile enabled website (wapsite) otherwise the recipients will not be able to access the website link in the message effectively.

Mobile internet is developing extremely fast and most cell phones are WAP enabled. Most teenagers access the web from their cellphones and the adults are following suit. Why are they using cell phones to access the internet?

Because it is a lot cheaper** than traditional internet access, it is even more mobile (and cheaper) than a notebook computer, it is always on and it is available everywhere where there is cellphone reception. It is forecasted that the mobile internet will become even bigger than the traditional internet.

Sentido can help you to develop your company's wapsite, whether it is a simple one or a fully intergrated e-commerce enabled wapsite.

It is important to know that cell phones have different web browsers, the older versions requiring a different type of wap site (mobi site). The newer cellphones can sometimes open normal html websites albeit at a slow pace. Our technology takes all this into account to ensure that the site visitors have a pleasant, constructive and fast visit to your mobi site!

Frequenty Asked Questions

* wapsite: A website that has been specifically designed to be viewed using a mobile device (cellphone)

** Taking into account your ISP service charges as well as Telecomms Companies charges (it costs at least R70 per month for a slow connection and approximately R400 a month for a connection similiar to a 3G connection). Mobile internet is charged accoring to the amount of data used and not the amount of time spent online. Data is extremely cheap! (20c per megabyte on the best packages up to R1 per megabyte on the "worst" prepaid bundle)

Please see examples of mobile enabled websites below (best viewed on a device with a small screen, such as a cellphone or PDA): – Mobile surveys, tell South Africa about it! – Loan Application and Originating Service from a cellphone– groundbreaking instant mobile website builder – Email on your cell phone – SA’s only Mobile Cell Phone Acquisition service (find cell phones and cell phone shops here, or start the contract application process, from your cell phone) – Blue Financial Services - An African Financial Services Company – SA’s first mobile rating service (view and rate companies’ product and service levels here) - cell phone based crime surveys – SA’s leading Mobile Application Providers

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