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GPS Tracking

GPS technology combined with cellphones has enabled Sentido to develop the ultimate in Mobile Applications. We are now able to view the exact position of the field staff as well as having a record of where certain transactions were captured. By combining the geo-location data with other business data, it is now possible to plot relationships between physical movement of people and their performance.


Dr. Heart and Partners runs a pathology practice and it is vital that certain samples are collected and delivered in time. They use a Sentido application whereby clients log collection requests via a web-portal. The drivers then view their required collections on their cellphones. Once the items have been collected, it is logged as such on the system via the cellphone.

By combining the existing system with a GPS tracking system, the drivers routes can be amended at short notice according to their position. This system has also enabled the business to plot statistics such as

  • Collections per kilometer travelled
  • Average time per collection
  • Average speed
  • Number of stops
  • time between "request logging" and collection

Not only do Dr. Heart and Partners save thousands of Rands each month on travelling and communication costs, they are also gaining market share because of their fast and reliable service.