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SMS messaging systems

Sentido develops custom made SMS Systems (Bulk SMS Gateway or individual personalised systems) for use in SMS competitions and data retrieval. Our SMS Systems can also return intelligent information to the sender based on certain criteria (e.g "price on steel table" will return the prices of items containing that description)

When used in conjuction with our CleverBase® program, our SMS system can even retrieve information from more than one databases or systems and return the information to the sender. Our SMS systems can be combined with any of our mobile business applications to give you the most powerful business tool around today.

What are the important factors when choosing your SMS system provider? Make sure that they have a fast and reliable line into the networks, competitive and honest pricing structure, delivery reports, no added text like advertisements, ease of use and support. But maybe the most important factor to consider is whether the recipient receives a link to a mobile (cell phone) enabled website (wap site) inside the message. This is where Sentido's expertise can be of great advantage to ensure you get the most out of your SMS campaigns.

Our sister site offers a free SMS system included in their mobile website development tool with the following features:

  • Send single or bulk group SMS’s at the click of a button (cheap at 25c each)
  • Create specials on your mobile website and send a link to the "specials page" with an instant SMS
  • Receive reply notifications straight into your inbox
  • Build your own mailing list quickly and easily with our user friendly software (you can also import and export the databases)
  • Manage your database by sorting and storing members in groups
  • Create and store message templates for quick and easy messaging
  • No software installation required - accessible from anywhere
  • System can even be accessed from your smartphone (send a Christmas wish while on the beach to 10,000 people! All with the click of one button!)
  • View history of all messages sent
  • And if you have a mobile website (at only R49 + VAT per month) you can actually measure the success of your SMS campaign by tracking the hits received to the mobile site