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Mobile Surveys

Replace paper based surveys with an automated cell phone solution from Sentido. Not only will this save your field staff time, and you money, but it will enable you to manage your field data collection campaigns much better. Watch as the results stream onto your desktop, already in electronic format allowing you to start your data analysis and have preliminary results long before a paper based campaign .

Up to the minute information and daily summary reports enables you to monitor and manage field researchers more effectively. You can even change or update questions or add extra data fields for input yourself and this is then instantly available to the field worker next time he or she logs on. The data collection fields support the following attributes as determined by your needs:

  • Textboxes (Alphanumeric, Alpha only, Numeric Only)
  • Checkboxes
  • Radio Buttons
  • Drop Down Lists
  • Automatic Date-Time Picker
  • Photographs

Mobile surveys are very cost effective:

  • Paper (and the associated printing, distribution & collection costs) are reduced and often eliminated.
  • Data is inputted in electronic format first time, no more retyping of questionnaires into your database or a spreadsheet. This method is also more accurate.
  • Communication costs are minimal. GPRS data transfer is charged per KB sent and not time, so a field worker can be “on-line” for 20 minutes doing a 20-30 item survey, submit it and this transaction will cost you as little as 2 cents only*.

* The data contained in a 30 item survey is not more than 100KB (including a small photograph) and data transfer is charged at between R1-00 and 20c per 1000KB (1MB).

The mobile surveying solution is easily customised to your needs and can be used for any survey out in the field, for instance:

  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Mystery Shopping Surveys
  • Market Research
  • Opinion Polling
  • Conference feedback
  • Population sensus
  • Hotel and Resort feedback survey
  • And many more ...