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Sentido Partner Progam
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Sentido is the leading solution for companies who want to use cellphones to mobilize their away-from-the-office business processes. It saves them time, money and gives them more control over what takes place in the field.

Even better, it's a great way for you to offer value-added solutions to your clients. The Sentido Partner Program is available to qualified systems integrators, telecommunication resellers, consulting firms and software VAR's who have customers that would benefit from Sentido's mobile applications.

It's a simple way for you to introduce a great business product to your customers and earn commission at the same time. Sentido offers two levels of partner programs that differ based on partner involvement in the sales process:

Lead Referral Program

Lead referral partners enjoy good commissions while having little-to-no involvement in the sale, although you are welcome to join our sales team on calls with the potential customer.

We don't want to waste anyone's time, so we ask that the prospect be qualified through you arranging a face to face meeting between the prospect and one of our sales professionals.

The process is quite easy, you have to register your lead with Sentido by filling out the on-line "Lead Referral Form" clicking on "submit," and we're on our way! We'll send you back a confirmation e-mail to let you know if we can accept your lead or not.

If all looks good, we'll contact the potential customer right away, or ask you to arrange a meeting between the prospect and one of our sales professionals. We keep you updated on the progress.

When it closes, we'll send you a cheque for your commission, or transfer it on-line into your account within two weeks of the end of the month we receive payment from the customer.

Why wouldn't your lead be accepted? If we're already working the same opportunity, they're already a Sentido customer, or you stole another company's customer database after you broke into their building or in some other rare event, we may have to decline.

Becoming a Lead Referral Partner is easy, simply fill out our LR Partner Agreement.

Having waded through the Byzantine legal language used in other programs, we're desperately trying to keep it simple. Still, our lawyers did insist on some standard "legalese" despite our pleas. It's not too bad, however, and please understand that it's always in our interest to treat you right and pay you well. Why? Because we want more leads!

Agent Program

The Sentido Agent Program is more formal and enables individuals and corporations to act as extensions of the Sentido sales force, promoting Sentido's services directly to end-user companies. Agents facilitate the sales cycle and close the business, but Sentido maintains customer ownership and billing responsibility. Software VAR's, IT Consulting Firms and Telecom Resellers with their own SME client base are perfect fits for the Agent Program, which features:

  • Full Sentido Mobile Application Certification

  • Sales and Product Training

  • Sales Tools Including Access to an On-Line Partner Resource Center

  • Sales Support: Access to Full Sentido Technical and Sales Experts

  • No Minimum Revenue Commitments

  • Easy Qualification

  • Aggressive Commissioning

Commission Structure

Referral Partners and Agents earn recurring commission, yes, for as long as the client remains paid up with Sentido, you receive your monthly commission.

How do I sign up?

It's easy!

Simply click here, submit your details and we'll get back to you!