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Sentido Mobile eMail

Sentido Mobile eMail, or SentMail for short, puts you in touch with your employees in a way not previously possible. We transform your employees normal cell phones into "desktop PC's" thereby unleashing the power of email to all your employees. Previously it was only the priveledged few in the office that could send and receive emails; now everybody is empowered !

So what makes SentMail better than an SMS system ?

  • SentMail is not limited to 160 characters like an SMS
  • Record is kept of when an employee reads his or her message
  • The correspondence is kept in a database and is not "lost into thin air" like an SMS
  • It is cheaper than an SMS
  • It can be combined with systems such as our Mobile Consultant to plan and track your field staff's performance

Case Study

BobAv is a financial services institution who contracts independant brokers to sell financial products such as loans and insurance. BobAv is the market leader in the rural areas but they saw the need to improve the communication channels with their brokers. Hardly any of the brokers own a laptop computer and hence communication and monitoring of brokers was very limited. Since BobAv implemented a SentMail system they can send product information to the brokers as well as receive information back from the brokers such as weekly progress reports. BobAv also uses a modified Mobile Consultant module to schedule and monitor the brokers' visits to various sites.